Floating Oyster Plot layout diagram

Oyster plot footprint, above and below the surface

We appreciate the convenience offered by the new floating systems, produced by a Canadian firm within the last few years.

However, even the system manufacturers caution against placing these facilities within waters that are used by recreational and commerical boaters.

Potential Safety Hazard

Floating Oyster cage systems have benefits as well as risks. One big risk is that cages can break free of their mooring, resulting in runaway cages. This picture depicts one of six such runaways during 2018 from one lease area.

With 859 potential lease areas in the two bays, and the suggested density is 100 cages per acre, and each lease is for 10 years, the potential for mid-water and onshore collisions is huge.

Furthermore, the oysters inside will mostly likely die, resulting in a high percentage of losses, as well as increased risk of liability.

Runaway oyster cage that broke free and washed up on Napeague Bay

Next Steps...

Please join us in seeking responsible and harmonious aquaculture development in Gardiner's Bay.